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In The Artists' FootstepsA Gentle Critic by John Faed

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John Faed

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A Gentle Critic

Artist: John Faed
Title: A Gentle Critic
Date: Not Known
Medium: Oil on canvas

18.5 by 15.5 inches

Exhibited at the RSA in 1884 and the RA in 1885, this is a self portrait of the artist painted some years before. "A Gentle Critic is painted with the skill and precision of a miniaturiest but is combined with the freedom of a larger working area that allowed Faed a composition that includes beautifully observed pockets of still life, portraits of himself and his model and a distant view looking towards his home town of Gatehouse of Fleet." (Five Centuries of Scottish Painting, Atelier Books, 2006)

This work was shown at the Town Hall, Kirkcudbright for the exhibition Five Centuries of Scottish Painting, August, 2006

Image supplied by kind permission of Bourne Fine Art.

Gallery: Not Applicable
Location: Gatehouse of Fleet

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About the Artist

Artist: John Faed
Date of Birth: 1819
Date of Death: 1902
Place of Death: Gatehouse of fleet

Residence in Dumfries & Galloway:
Born at Barlay Mill, Gatehouse of Fleet.  Died at Ardmore, Gatehouse of Fleet, which he built in 1867.  Divided his time between Gatehouse and London before settling permanently at Ardmore 1880.

Trustees Academy, Edinburgh, although largely self taught.

Professional Bodies:
ARSA 1847; RSA 1851

Exhibited At:
Royal Academy; Royal Scottish Academy; Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts.


Member of the Smashers' Club.  President of the Kirkcudbright Fine Art Association.  Gave encouragement to Hornel and his colleagues.


The Faeds, Mary McKerrow, Edinburgh, 1982. 


Kirkcudbright: one hundred years of an artists' colony, Patrick Bourne, Atelier Books, Edinburgh, 2000.


The Gatehouse Years, David I A Steel, 2002.


Five Centuries of Scottish Painting, Atelier Books, Edinburgh, 2006


Tales of the Kirkcudbright Artists, Haig Gordon, Kirkcudbright 2006


Self portrait provided by Stewartry Museum.


Began to paint miniatures at an early age.  Left for Edinburgh in 1840.  Followed his brother Thomas to London but always longed for Gatehouse of Fleet.  Built a house there in 1867 and settled permanently in 1880.  Illustrated The Cottar's Saturday Night, Tam O' Shanter and The Soldier's Return for the Fine Arts Association.  His self portrait, The Little Seamstress and other works are in the Stewartry Museum, Kirkcudbright.  A Family Meal appears to be one of the works prepared for the Cottar's Saturday Night.  A small View over Gatehouse of Fleet is illustrated in Bourne p23 (see bibliography).  The Pedlar, signed and dated 1874 sold at Christies, Edinburgh, 26/10/06, Sale 7299, lot 112.  A water colour On the Dee South of Castle Douglas, sold by Lyon and Turnbull, sale 182, lot 31, 12 July 2007.  An oil painting Gatehouse of 1886 was sold for £2400 at Bonhams Scottish sale 29/08/2008, lot 1075.  A fine portrait of the 1850s The Sportsman, was sold at Bonhams, Edinburgh, for £13,800 on 21 April 2011, sale 18818, lot 21.