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In The Artists' FootstepsIn Galloway by Edward Atkinson Hornel

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Edward Atkinson Hornel

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In Galloway

Artist: Edward Atkinson Hornel
Title: In Galloway
Date: 1896
Medium: Oil on canvas

12.5 by 16 inches

"Here Hornel is not merely portraying girls playing together on a hillside in the company of goats, used here as a symbol of fertility; he is weaving a rich pattern of multi-coloured shapes, in which perspective is flattened, the horizon has almost disappeared, the demarcation between figures, goats and background is purposely indistinct and the handling of paint is broad." (Five Centuries of Scottish Painting, Atelier Books, 2006)


This work was on display in Kirkcudbright Town Hall in the exhibition Five Centuries of Scottish Painting, 22 July to 28 August, 2006

Image by kind permission of Bourne Fine Art.

Gallery: Not Applicable
Location: Dumfries and Galloway

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About the Artist

Artist: Edward Atkinson Hornel
Date of Birth: 1864
Date of Death: 1933
Place of Death: Kirkcudbright

Residence in Dumfries & Galloway:
Hornel was a tenant of 19 and 21 High Street, Kirkcudbright, a house belonging to his family, before purchasing Broughton House, Kirkcudbright, in 1900.

Edinburgh; Antwerp

Professional Bodies:

Exhibited At:
Royal Scottish Academy; Royal Academy; RSW; Royal Institute of Oil Painters; Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts; Aberdeen Artists' Society; L


Studied in Antwerp with W S MacGeorge. Worked with George Henry, with whom he visited Japan.


Hornel: the life and work of Edward Atkinson Hornel, Bill Smith, Atelier Books, Edinburgh, 1997.


Kirkcudbright: one hundred years of an artists' colony, Patrick Bourne, Atelier Books, Edinburgh, 2000.


Five Centuries of Scottish Painting, Atelier Books, Edinburgh, 2006. 


E A Hornel Reconsidered, William R Hardie, Scottish Art Review, Volume XI, Nos 3 and 4, 1968 (In Stewartry Museum file) Also: Japan Lecture by E A Hornel, Glasgow 9/2/1895.


Representative Men of the South Mr E A Hornel from The Gallovidian; Scottish National Portrait Gallery file; Witt Library;


EA Hornel, Artist Dumfries and Galloway Standard 16/11/1921


Edward Atkinson Hornel 1864-1933 The Fine Art Society 1982 Exhibition catalogue.  Number 2


In the Town Crofts, Kirkcudbright 16 by 24; Others such as 32 Sea Shore Roses, 1906, 48.5 by 60.75in, City Art Centre , Edinburgh are of Brighouse Bay, as is 37 Gathering Primroses, Brighouse Bay 1917 30 by 25in (private collection).  Photos of Hornel and Broughton House including portrait photo by T and R Annan and sons.  SCRAN Pathfinder pack. 


Tales of the Kirkcudbright Artists, Haig Gordon, Kirkcudbright, 2006.

Image of artist by W S MacGeorge by kind permission of Broughton House. 



Studied with W S MacGeorge in Antwerp under Verlat.  Visited Japan in 1893 with Henry and visited Ceylon, 1907 and Burma and Japan, 1922.  Declined ARSA 1901 (Assosiate of the Royal Scottish Academy).  There are many works by E A Hornel at the Dick Institute, Kilmarnock.  His Voices in the Woodland and Brighouse Bay are in Paisley Museum and Art Galleries. As well as the superb Summer of 1891, the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool also has The Captive Butterfly (1905) and The Estuary. The library at Broughton House has a full list of Hornel works in public collections.  His Kirkcudbright from Janefield is illustrated in Bourne, p6 (see bibliography).  His Feeding the Swans, 912 was sold at Sotheby's 22/04/2010 for £30,000. His Picking Flowers, Brighouse Bay sold for £32,450, Bonhams, Edinburgh, sale 19877 lot27, 13/12/2012.


One of his sister's married William Mouncey.